Officially established November 2016 


This is a blog by Pearly Jane, twenty-five from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She owns this as her personal diary, chapter-full of spazzes, rants and dreams in the life. This is where she will unveil her fangirl, traveler, photographer and writer personas and showcase the adventures that make her triumphant in her flight to happiness and success. It might be dizzying and crazy but welcome aboard! 

Blog name inspo~

This space aims to share:

1. experiences and
2. [budget] tips

for those who simply just wanna escape reality and take it easy for a while. And if you're one who can't travel for now, let these photos and accounts virtually take you places~

If you're a fan of:

1. KPop
2. KDramas and
3. JaDine

then this can be your home too. Let's spazz together!!! 

This online space is open for collaborations, event invites and product reviews through pjcaboodleblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

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